Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes....

March 3rd 2009

There I was, cooking supper when Issy came up to me and said: 'Mum, what would you live on if I confiscated your PC?'
'Fresh air and exercise I suppose', I said absently, stirring the pasta. Then the killer line: 'Would you play with me more?' What do you say to that? She didn't even mean it horribly, she was just interested in my answer. All she has asked me to do with her this half term is play a game of Monopoly and I haven't even had time for that. For the past week, the girls have been in their world doing their own thing, and I've been in mine, working, meeting people, working and then working some more. I'm not moaning, I love work, but there's no food in the fridge, the house looks like a land fill site and I don't hear the kids when they talk to me. Think I have crossed a line.
So, we put on The Feeling and danced around the kitchen singing along, something we haven't done for ages. It felt good. Three more days of half term left and I have promised to go to the Picasso museum in Antibes, as she is mad keen on art, and play that game of Monopoly, hardly a sacrifice as it's my favourite childhood game (right up there with Scrabble.)
She'll be a good source for comedy material in the future. Earlier, she was talking about how Tallulah had brought up loads of braille (she meant bile!) and tonight, when we were discussing my day, she asked how my meeting with a lovely Dutch woman called Sylvia had gone. Sylvia will be a valuable asset to our shopping page on FR2DAY, she knows every cool boutique on the Riviera and is funny to boot. 'Really well,' I said, 'she really knows her stuff on shopping.' 'So is she your guru Mummy ?'
Gotta go, she has just set up Connect 4 and I'd much rather be playing that than writing this.