Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I know that time just whizzes by as you get older but how did I become the mother of a 15 year old? I remember those chubby cheeks and that mop of Scandanavian white blonde hair and that angelic smile like it was last week, instead of which I now have a tall, moody teen who can be quite a good laugh when she wants to be with dyed-brown-but-rapidly-turning-red hair who is 36 hours away from 15.
It got me thinking about what I was like way back when..... I should be relieved that the worst she seems to do is go to parties, drink the odd beer and hang out in Valbonne on a Friday night eating pizza by the skate park with her friends.
That's tame compared to bunking into pubs (Hudsons in Kentish Town, where thanks to my heels and two friends who were four years older but actually looked younger than me, I never seemed to have a problem getting in or just as importantly, getting served at the bar.)Then there were the parties....my mum and dad were so liberal and laidback that they actually went out for the evening and stayed at my grandparents house so I could throw a party for my 15th birthday at home....their only uncool moment was driving by at midnight to make sure the house wasn't burning down or being marauded by gatecrashers. They even allowed me enough time the next day to clear up before arriving home. I cannot imagine doing that for my girls, unthinkable.
Then there was the henna incident...my look du jour was a shaggy henna-ed perm which I thought was the bees knees but looking back at old photos, it was so WRONG!
Last weekend was bittersweet as we partied to celebrate and mourn the Mayos moving back to England after seven years here. The wine and curries flowed, speeches were made and tears were shed and no-one can believe that next week they are off for good. We talked about what we miss about the UK ...my top three are M&S, having a phone conversation without hand gestures and long pauses as I struggle to make myself understood and goes without saying, people. And that's it, so on that basis, think I am good for a few more years here yet.
Cannes is approaching and having just received my accreditation, I am looking forward to another glam fest of parties, screenings and interviews. Malaysia also beckons with Elle Macpherson....watch this space!