Sunday, May 24, 2009

Brad Pitt - my new crush

Have just spent the last 12 days covering the Cannes Film Festival - what a blast. It's been round the clock, leaving home at 7am for screenings at the Palais des Festivals, then onto the press conferences for the films and then finally home to write it up before dressing up and hitting the party scene.
The first party was Nowhere Boy, the new Sam Taylor Wood film about John Lennon. It was at the trendy 3.14 beach club in Cannes and was brilliant - fab DJ, champagne and vodka cocktails (altho I was driving so no getting drunk or even a bit squiffy for me) and loads of star spotting - Kristin Scott Thomas, Paris Hilton, Peaches Geldof, Nicky Haslem, Martin Kemp, Colin Firth, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw and so on. Everyone was on the dancefloor, singing along to Billy Jean and We Will Rock You and I can honestly say it was one of the best showbiz parties I have ever been to - usually celebs stand around chatting politely to other celebs and it's all a bit dull.
The highlight was Quentin Tarantino's new movie Inglourious Basterds, a very clever, violent and strangely humorous take on World War 2 which I didn't expect to enjoy as much as I did. And then Brad Pitt turned up for the press conference looking gorgeous in a cream suit, cravat (strange choice for 80 degrees of sunshine) and sunnies. I was right at the front of the press crush and as he smiled and chatted to people, looking really relaxed and not at all on the edge of a relationship break-up, I caught his eye and waved and HE WAVED BACK! It wasn't like we were surrounded by fans - that wave was meant for me (especially as journos are usually a bit cooler than that and don't usually wave to stars like demented fans.) But hey, we are talking Brad Pitt here, all logic and usual behaviour went straight out the door. It was a moment.
Other parties included Victoria Hervey at Cosy Box, where she told me about her recent trip to Africa and Paris H (again!) at VIP Room, bopping til dawn.
Films I loved: Bright Star, about John Keats, which was superb, Looking For Eric, starring Eric Cantona, which is funny, poignant and has hit written all over it and Tarantino's latest offering. I wanted to like The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus because it's Heath Ledger's last movie and he was a great talent but found it confusing and hard work, despite the valiant efforts of Lily Cole and Andrew Garfield.
So, all over for another year and must say the thought of a few early nights is filling me with joy. (Expecting no sympathy btw.)