Thursday, April 2, 2009

Alive alive-o

Well campers, you are now reading the blog of an is finally up and live on the web...just a taster at the mo but check it out and let me know what you think. For all you lovely followers who just can't get enough of me, please feel free to follow the blog about setting up's called It's a little joint combo between me and Wayne and we have a running competition about who can be the funniest. As he hasn't posted on there for about two months I think I'm winning (Wayne, before you get on the phone, I know you've been taking to LA and India late into the night and you are happy to let me be the creative one!!!!)
Am so tired I could sleep for a month and REALLY need a holiday but there's currently zero chance of that, which just makes me want one even more. So what can I tell you? Well, lowlight of the last week was getting lost in the mountains on a marathon training run last Saturday. I should've seen the signs when the other four runners (the fastest in my club by a mile) turned up with backpacks, automatic straws to drink from said backpacks, gallons of water, high energy snacks etc etc. Me, I had my iPod Touch to help me out on the hills and er, nothing else, no water (I thought we might pass a few fountains,) no phone and 2 euros to buy some Evian in case we didn't see a fountain. We ended up in the Esterel mountain range near the coast at Theoule where we proceeded to run the interior 27 kilometre circuit!
The first half hour involved running up boulders to the summit at which point I should've just turned around. Then I got lost, basically they were a kilometre ahead of me all the time and when the path split, they took the low track and I took the high one. I spent an hour in thick fog running in different directions, calling out only to hear my own echo and seeing no-one and nothing but rocks and low cloud. I didn't even know which direction the coast was and I really started to panic. Funnily enough, what I thought was 'Bugger, this is my first day off for ages, I'm lost, and I'm probably never gonna make my launch party for the mag now, what a bloody shame.' Wayne was seriously impressed that my first thought was not hubby and kids but the dire disappointment of missing our mag launch party.
Finally bumped into them by accident on a track miles away as I tried to navigate my way back, they looked pleased-ish and bemused to see me while I wanted to scream. So that is my last long run with the club - no more running up mountains on my own.
Met an amazing organic facialist from London called Alexandra Soveral who taught a few of us how to massage away wrinkles and be good to our skin. She was really good fun and I was so impressed I bought all her products and have now been reduced to emptying my wardrobe and donating clothes to a secondhand designer sale to try and claw back some cash!
Other news - went back to London for my brother Justin's 40th - what a great night, so lovely to see him and all my old mates and have a bop with them. And had a perfect Cote d'Azur outing last week (before the rain arrived) playing tennis for one precious hour in the sunshine.
Livvy is back from a week in London doing work experience with Sarah at her PR company in the West End...she lunched, she shopped, she socialised and she even did some work! Sarah said she was very self-motivated and did brilliantly so hopefully it has shown her that hard work really does yield a good life. Having said that she has laid on the bed and the sofa ever since she got home but think that is called being a teen! She was 14 yesterday, we celebrated quietly at home and it was just perfect - sleepover, chicken fajitas and The Apprentice.