Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fetes, Prince Albert and orange cake

What a week. We launched the mag, it looks great, have had a few teething problems but nothing we can't overcome and it's so good to see the fruits of all our hard work finally out there.

One week to go til London marathon, fair to say that I am physically and mentally shattered from working and training. Today I thought I'd sit with my book on Marseille and find out a bit more about it, and promptly fell asleep (no reflection on the delightful second city.) Iam looking forward to it and dreading it in equal measure.

On Monday, we went to the Fete de l'Oranger in the village, see above. It was a beautiful sunny day and the whole village turned out to man stalls, help or just enjoy it. The theme was oranges (this part of the world is famous for them) and the streets were decked with orange bunting and oranges studded into garlands, hanging from the street lamps and balconies - it looked so pretty. Everything for sale had an orange theme, from biscuits, to jams and marmelades and the local vin d'orange liqueur (lethal.) Issy entered the cake competition with an orange, honey and polenta cake she bakes with her best buddy Tabitha but sadly didn't win, even though we all thought it was the best cake there. Her's in the one in the middle, above.

From village fetes to the Top Marques supercar show in Monaco, our first assignment for FR2DAY. Wayne, Lucy, Iain and I left at the crack of dawn to get there and mooched around some amazing cars alongside Prince Albert, who is also a bit of a petrolhead. Then we headed to the VIP bar to have a glass of champagne - Lucy's birthday was the excuse - and ended up meeting a London art dealer and his star painter Paul Karslake, who is the brother-in-law of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood. Naturally I interviewed him, and as well as being a very talented artist, he was also very entertaining and made a great piece.

Have just heard that the line up for the Cannes film festival is looking fab - Quentin Tarantino, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt even Bill Clinton and better than that, Now mag have secured me an invitation to the D&G closing party, where all the A list party, so to say I'm a little bit excited would be a gross understatement. New dress anybody?

Would love to write more but just too damn tired - thanks to my loyal little core of readers, please stay tuned and I will tell you all about the horror and joy of the race next week.