Monday, March 16, 2009

The tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth...

March 16th 2009

The last couple of weeks have passed by in a blur. Head down working, having meetings and meeting lots of new people. We found time to go for lunch on the beach at Juan les Pins a couple of weekends ago and it was fab, sitting on a deck with a cold pichet of rose and a plate of seafood watching the waves lap on the shore, warm sunshine on our faces. The weather has warmed up over the last week and is almost - but not quite - bikini warm. After the wettest, coldest winter
here for years it's so good to cast off the ski jackets and boots.

Had a little soiree here on Saturday evening, about 20 friends for sushi and drinks. It was a fab evening, lots of chat, laughter and wine. Much as I miss my friends in the UK, it was really good to have a mix of different people, many of whom are becoming good friends. I feel very lucky to have found that within a year of moving here. Highlights of the night: Iain headbutting the piano and remembering nothing about it. And Mat the lovely sailor throwing his keys drunkenly on the floor as he stood in the middle of me and one of the other lovely ladies and saying, Right who's the lucky girl then? All good clean fun.

Went running tonight with the club as it's five weeks til M day. As we ran through the next village Pont du Loup in the evening twilight with the lights twinkling and the mountains looming over us, I couldn't take my eyes off the view, it is stunning, no matter what time of day or night. I love beaches but my favourite view in the world is mountains.

Tonight was also the night Issy found out the truth about the tooth fairy. She lost a tooth today and was quizzing Iain about how much she would get from the tooth fairy (apparently the going rate is 10 euros. I don't believe it either.) Then: 'Are you SURE you're not the tooth fairy Daddy? Because she writes in messy capital letters, just like you!'

Iain was lamely denying that he is the tooth fairy but she wouldn't let it drop so I told her the truth - Daddy is the fairy in our house. I have always felt that when the girls are old enough to ask, and keep on asking, they are old enough to know the truth. The tooth fairy went mad at me and was quite upset that I had blown his cover, while Issy was shaking her head in disbelief that she had been taken in for so long. I felt a bit sad too, but we still have Santa.