Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Half a century young

So much for a detox in January. Everyone I know has given up drinking, socialising, and generally going for it but it was never going to happen with a weekend away in Aix closely followed by Iain's 50th....gulp I didn't think I knew any 50-year-olds, and now I am married to one!
Clare, Paula and Mark arrived on Thursday and we celebrated with supper at Ecole des Filles, and had a complete blast. The best bit was watching Paula and Clare walk backwards down our road home because it's so steep they couldn't walk normally in heels...well that was their excuse!
We went to the coast on Friday lunchtime then had a few drinks here in the evening which led to a 6am amazed we all stayed the distance. Highlights were Matt spinning me around the floor, doing the limbo under Iain's inflatable zimmer frame and the cake Keren made him (see above.)
Have just signed up for the 21k semi from Nice to Monaco on February's the best discipline for a few early nights and lots of water consumption that I know. My toes still haven't recovered from the pasting they took in the London Marathon, so why I'm running another big race I don't know because my feet look like stumps these days.
At Christmas, Matt in London tried to talk me into running a marathon along the Great Wall of China later this year....seem to remember being quite non-committal but he keeps mentioning it like it's a done deal. Eeek.