Sunday, August 19, 2012

Homeward bound

The six week 4,500k road trip is coming to an end. In that time we have had many adventures, some fun, others not quite so. The highlights? Travelling through Spain, France and the UK, seeing all the bits you usually miss, enjoying the unspoilt beauty of Cap Ferret, the culture and nightlife in Barcelona, Bill's deli in Lewes, the cool ambience of the Riding House Cafe in Soho, riding through the Norfolk countryside, surfing in the Atlantic, cycling coast roads, wine tasting in Saint Emilion, meeting my great new literary agent, watching the Olympics closing ceremony fireworks from the roof, collecting lovely bits and pieces from all over Europe safe in the knowledge that the Jeep could take the strain....oh yes, and the boozy barbecue where I realised that half of us present represented four of the most reviled professions....journalism, politics, estate agency and banking. The downsides were slashing my ear in a surf accident, losing a diamond earring in the same accident, leaving the beautiful Anthropologie cardigan I've never even worn in Saint Emilion, having a van smash into us on the M23, arriving at Beachy Head unaware that someone had committed suicide minutes earlier, enduring horrific traffic jams in 37 degrees (clearly this wasn't in the UK,) breathing through my mouth while using the stinky overcrowded mens loos at the Valence services (the queue for the ladies was 25 deep) and unpacking 1500 items from the boot at every stop. I'm returning to the Cote d'Azur a few pounds heavier and several shades blonder thanks to Karin's skills with my newly growing crop which led to being scouted for a fashion shoot by a photographer (yes, I couldn't believe it either.) Our last day and night has been spent in fitting style in Saint Remy de Provence, catching some rays by the hotel pool, mooching into the beautiful town for supper and enjoying the calm before the storm of unpacking, restocking cupboards and cracking on with work. Back to reality, except the prospect of fresh figs from the garden, 35 degrees and yoga by the pool is not such a bad routine to return to.