Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Out of breath

I've just noticed that it's nearly two months since I last posted on my blog. What can I say, life has been a wee bit busy what with work, excellent ski conditions which have encouraged the odd afternoon of snowboarding action and the little matter of my book Breathing Out, which has just been published after two and a half years in the making.In fact, the picture on the left neatly ticks both those boxes, as this is exactly what the sky looked like from my most recent cheeky two hour snowboard in the mountains.

All the hard work, the many proof reads, the minor layout blips that threatened to derail my sanity, they have all been worth it to hold that very precious 172 pages in my hand. The cover that started life as a very bad sketch in my notebook (art was never my strong point) was interpreted beautifully and somewhat telepathically by Peter at Bespoke Book Covers as he managed to create the very image I had in my head. It has been a labour of love and a testament to how something that was the very worst thing to happen to me can be turned into something positive and a force for good. If it helps one person get through the same nightmare journey feeling a little bit empowered and in control, then my job is done. If it makes people laugh too, even better.

It couldn't have happened without my wonderful friends and family, along with support from great friends in my business. The fact that Elle Macpherson and Amanda Holden have endorsed Breathing Out is nothing short of amazing, along with Simone Laubscher, my wonderful nutritionist whose guidance and sound words got me to where I am now, feeling fit, healthy and ready for anything, even snowboarding, old fool that I am. And Piers Morgan, my showbiz boss from too many years ago to count, kindly retweeted it to his four million followers on Twitter.

This Friday, there will be a celebration and launch at Le Donjon, the fab bistro that has become the heart and soul of our village. We will drink Champagne, eat Thomas's delicious canapes and I will sign as many books as possible. Many friends are flying in from London to join my French crowd and I dare say it will be a struggle not to lose my cool. Waterproof mascara at the ready!