Friday, October 17, 2008

October 17th 2008

I was hit by the stark reality this morning that I am earning less money than ever before. On the upside, I am also cooking more than ever before. Every time someone starts working on the electricity supply downstairs, the internet Livebox is unplugged , meaning I can’t call anyone from the landline, which is an internet phone, and can’t email or research on the web. So, unable to work, I go down to the kitchen and prepare something to eat. Yesterday it was beef lasagne (even though I don’t eat beef) and today’s effort is melanzane parmigiana (or aubergine bake).
Went out with the running club again. They are really friendly and normal, not like the freaky people you usually meet at running clubs, and my local restaurant owner David also runs with them and he is quite easy on the eye so that makes it more fun! I’m even getting up at 7am on Saturdays to go with them, most unlike me.
Have arranged to go skiing with friends for three days between Xmas and New Year to Sestriere in Italy, it’s four hours drive from here and looks amazing. We are burning through the cash which is not good when we have so much to do still but figure that can be a little Xmas pressie for all of us. Kitted the girls out today with ski gear at Decathlon, 600 euros later I still haven't got their skis or boots yet. I can feel a beans on toast month coming on very soon.
The girls are doing trick or treat in Valbonne on Hallowe'en, each with their respective friends. Am pleased they still want to do stuff like that although when Livvy described what she is planning to wear (fishnets, heels, black skirt and devil horns) I nearly wet myself. She will be jailbait but all her friends are doing the same. What happened, I thought she was 13 not 17. She told me today that she and her four best friends at Fenelon are the only ones not to be invited to another girls' Hallowe'en party because this girl says they always get all the attention from the boys and it’s her party so she wants the boys to look at her and not them! How funny, her friends are all very attractive though and witty and funny, makes me fear for the boys really and the havoc that lies ahead!

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Gillie said...

13 going on 17! :) It is amazing how early they learn. :)