Saturday, February 28, 2009


February 27th 2009

Well, have spent way too many thousands to mention this week going legit with your breath Monte-Carlo to Marseille, here we come and let the fun commence. We now have the rights to the LA2DAY site, plus their backing, now all that remains is to find contributors, write 200 features and get it all looking super duper, which of course it will. Have probably met more people in the last four weeks than the previous eight months (including two hot Brazilian sushi chefs who gave Liv and I some free spicy tuna when we went for lunch the other day. It was probably her they were after ...but has there ever been a better combination of words than Brazilian+sushi+chef?)
Had a minor heart attack earlier when the pugster, otherwise known as Oscar, went missing. He is usually glued to my ankle, never further than three paces from me (and my food.) After an hour of not seeing him pressed pitifully up against the glass doors asking to come in, I started to panic. Even Iain left his desk so we could all go and search. We were running up and down the road, me convinced that he was pancaked, when Issy shouted that she could hear whimpering in the bushes. He'd managed to get trapped in a huge bramble bush two gardens (and about five terraces away). He was so pleased to be rescued, I can't even think what might have happened if we didn't find him then as it was almost dark. Suffice it to say I won't be kicking him off the bed tonight.
Went running with the club this week for the first time in ages, it was horrific. I always bring up the rear by at least a minute, however much I try and put in a sprint finish. It could be quite depressing if I didn't have so many other things to think about. I was idly thinking about dropping out of the London Marathon as I tried to keep up when Antoine, our leader (50 years old and runs like a gazelle on speed) told me he was getting me a specially printed T shirt to wear on the day and could I please arrange a good time to be photographed by Nice-Matin for a celebratory article. Could hardly tell him I'm too shattered to train and will be swapping early runs for lie ins.
Note to Badger: so loved your lezza faux pas, sublime.


Saltydawg said...

Brazilian+sushi+chef? How about my version?
Brazilian + Fish + Veet........ Think about it ;-)


Franglaise said...

Gaz you are one sick mind...the thought had never occurred to me... truly!

Gillie said...

Hot Brazilian Sushi Chef x 2!!!! Yummo!!