Monday, February 16, 2009

Running and partying

February 16th 2009

Feels like we are really becoming part of the community here. Last weekend we went to dinner at Fiona's with a few other people from the village, lovely food and lots of wine consumed by all. Then we were invited for tea on Saturday by Shan and Tony. Iain had the car so I suggested walking to the girls, who are allergic to any form of outdoor exercise. They live above the village and forgetting I was running a half marathon on Sunday, we set off. After 20 minutes of constant uphill trudging, the moans were getting louder from behind, along the lines of 'That's it, mum, this is not funny. You like walking everywhere but not everyone in this family is addicted to exercise.' Then Livvy refused to walk any further.
As we rounded the final bend, they livened up when they saw an imposing chateau on the edge of the hillside with a winding drive, like something out of a fairy tale and realised this was where we were heading. Suffice it to say I have never seen such a beautiful house here, so tastefully renovated and with grounds and views that I can't do justice to in words. Then we had to return to our half finished shack!
Sunday morning was the semi in Cannes, 13 miles along the seafront, and brilliant training for the London Marathon. I set off with my very fast friend Lucy, but we parted at 6k so we could run at our own pace. With blue skies, winter sunshine and the sea just yards away, running doesn't actually get much better than this. My official gun time was 1 hr 57 but my unofficial time was 1hr 55. Really pleased, particularly as my preparation consisted of a 3am bedtime Friday night after copious glasses to celebrate my friend Karen's birthday. Am sure I could be even faster if I led a quieter life but what fun would that be?
We celebrated with some rose at a bar in Cannes followed by a late lunch of roast chicken at Wayne and Lucy's, more wine and a lazy afternoon in front of a roaring log fire, followed by the hilarious sight of their very jolly friend Rupert arriving in a lime green mankini.


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Please post more pics!! I want to see the fairytale chateau! :)