Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lovely Sunday

February 1st 2009

How lovely to tap in the word February, January is too depressing. Issy is sitting beside me, we've had a lovely chilled out Sunday, ate roast chicken (bought from rotisserie in Mandelieu so I don't even have to cook it, France can be very civilised), watched the movie Wild Hogs (a bit silly but quite funny) and just now she yawned. Tired? I asked. No, I'm just getting some more oxygen, she deadpanned (I kid you not).

Have just finished the most brill book, if you fancy a real belly laugh (and we all need one right now) go and buy How I Paid for College by Marc Acito. It is the funniest read since High Fidelity, one of those books you don't want to finish. Also discovered a very funny (well, depends on your sense of humour, mine is quite sick) blog today courtesy of the NY Times, (dating a banker anonymous). It's unreal ...check it out. Worst thing is, I think these banker girlfriends are for real, moaning about how their facials are now only once every six weeks instead of once a month and how they don't get weekends in Bermuda since their banker BFs lost their bonuses. Truly another world.

On Friday we cracked open the champagne at Lucy and Wayne's to celebrate the launch of our new online lifestyle magazine We are going to cover all the hottest news, events, comings and goings, festivals, fashion, shopping, restaurants, bars, beaches and anything else you can think of on the Cote d'Azur. Lots of work to do and the site should be up in March, so all very exciting.

Meanwhile a picture of the finished bit of the house.... see above


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I just found your blog today and lover reading it, I also noted that you are launching a new online lifestyle magazine and would love to hear more about it. You can reach me at Thanks!

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Amazing pic!!!