Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Twit Twoo

February 3rd 2009

I have just been initiated in the joys of Twitter, a new social networking site where everyone talks about what they are doing. A week ago, that sounded quite banal to me, but actually it's scarily addictive. Keep finding myself sidetracked while supposedly working to check out who is on, and who is following me, which is why I don't do social networking as it really gets in the way of working for living! One of my girls pointed out that you only need to change one letter to make Twitter a really rude word and the younger one immediately wet herself laughing while I struggled to keep a straight face. They're so well brought up. Actually that word leads to quite a few rude variations, not that I'm sharing that info with them.


Yasmin said...

All of the Internet is addictive ..lol most of us from Jland are on Facebook which is good fun, but now spend far too much time on.

did you know that you can put the Twitter widget on your Blog?


Franglaise said...

No Yasmin, how? would love to do that!

Dean Brazier said...

Your Hubby "poked" me is that the expression on twitter. within 2 hours i read a travel trade email broadcast saying Twitter was now more popular than Facebook. So thought I'd better check it out, signed up and actually added it to my blog, look to the far top right. Was pretty easy follow the links from twitter. However Iain is my only twitter mate right now - how sad am I !! cheers Oz Deano

Saltydawg said...

So, I was invited to twitter and now all I do is communicate by email. Is that it?
Gaz ;-)

Gillie said...

I love Twitter! I check it all the time. Total time suck. :)